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Residential Siding is more than just an exterior cover—it protects your property and improves energy efficiency. It also makes the largest impact when it comes to curb appeal! From vinyl, wood, and brick to fiber cement and composite, we offer most siding options and hassle-free installations. Contact the Cook’s for a free consultation. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and provide you with a detailed estimate and timeline.

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What kind of Siding is right for you?

Choosing the right siding options depends on your budget, HOA restrictions and your long and short-term goals for the property. Here are some things to consider:

Level of Protection:

How exposed is your home to harsh Texas weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and extreme heat?

Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

Sidings are an additional insulation layer and help regulate internal temperature. This heightened indoor temperature control can reduce the work of your HVAC system, resulting in substantial energy savings and lower utility bills.

Curb Appeal:

We offer a large variety of styles, colors, and finishes, allowing for a high degree of customization.

Low Maintenance:

Vinyl or fiber cement are the most durable and require minimal maintenance.

What is Siding?

Siding refers to the external coverings or cladding of a building. Its primary function is to shield the structural integrity of the building from various environmental elements. As the initial line of defense, sidings withstand the effects of wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, safeguarding the home or building’s interior.

Providing a Wide Range of Siding Options

Renowned for its durability, ease of maintenance, and affordability, vinyl siding offers a variety of colors and styles, making it a popular choice.
Provides natural beauty and the most customization of all siding options. Choose endless combinations of staining or painting options.
Provides excellent longevity and curb appeal.
Mimics other materials like wood and masonry but adds benefits such as fire resistance and low maintenance requirements.
Modern composite siding offers ultimate durability, energy efficiency, and a broad range of design options.

Why Choose Cook DFW?

Time and cost are important to everyone. We pride ourselves on quick response times and transparent pricing. Plus, we have a long-list of satisfied clients and a successful track record in the local area. Schedule your free Estimate today and see how we can transform your property siding!

Our Proven Siding Process

If you’re considering siding for your home, we’d love to help. Our dedicated crews have successfully completed new installations and replacements for hundreds of homeowners.

First, we’ll discuss your goals for the property, the scope of the project, design and style, HOA requirements and functional needs.
Next you’ll receive a detailed, fair estimate and timeline, with no hidden costs.
And then, our our dedicated crews will install your siding project quickly and efficiently. Our main priority is to minimize disruption with expert precision.

Siding Maintenance
and Care

Proper maintenance extends the life of your siding and keeps it looking its best. The Cook’s recommends periodic cleaning and inspections to identify possible issues before they become major problems. We also provide maintenance services to keep your siding in top condition.

Here are the siding services we offer:

Siding inspection

Siding installation

Siding repair
Siding replacement
Siding resurfacing
Siding maintenance

Siding Repair and Replacement From Storm Damage

Severe Texas storms wreak havoc on exterior siding! If your property has been damaged by wind, hail, rain, snow or extreme heat contact us right away. It’s important to act fast, because siding damage caused by a storm always leads to greater damage down the road. In most cases the damage is covered by insurance.

Recognizing When It’s Time for Siding Repair or Replacement

Signs that your siding may need attention include visible damage, such as cracks or rot, fading color,or increased energy bills.

Siding FAQs

How do I choose the suitable siding material for my property?
The choice depends on several factors: HOA regulations, budget, design style, and maintenance. It’s also important to consider your long and short term goals for the property. The Cook’s will help you compare materials based on these criteria to find the best fit for your property, and situation.
Can new siding improve my property's energy efficiency?
Absolutely. Today’s siding materials come with built-in insulation properties that significantly reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, leading to lower energy bills and greater comfort.
How long does the siding installation take?
The timeline varies based on the size of the project, material selection, and weather. However, our team works efficiently to minimize disruption and complete your project as quickly as possible.
Is there a best time of year to install siding?
Siding can be installed anytime, but spring and fall typically offer the most favorable weather conditions. Our scheduling is flexible to accommodate your needs and the weather.
How can I maintain my new siding?
Maintenance varies by material. Vinyl and composite materials require occasional cleaning with a hose or pressure washer. Wood siding may need periodic staining or painting. We’ll provide specific care instructions based on your chosen material.
Will your team handle necessary repairs before installing new siding?
Yes. We conduct a thorough inspection and address any underlying issues, such as moisture damage or insulation needs, before installing new siding.
Do I need to be home during the siding installation?
While you only need to be home for part of the installation, we recommend being available for the initial and final walkthroughs.
Can your team assist with selecting the color and style of my siding?

Our design team can guide you through the selection process, helping you choose colors and styles that enhance your property’s curb appeal.

How does Cook DFW ensure the quality of their siding projects?
We use only high-quality materials from reputable manufacturers and install them with our own dedicated crews. Plus, the Cook’s personally and frequently inspect every project.
What warranty do you offer on siding projects?
We stand by our work with a comprehensive warranty covering materials and labor. The specifics of the warranty will depend on the materials used and the scope of the project, which we will discuss during your consultation.

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