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Roofing projects, renovations and large scale home remodels are often the catalyst giving your window screens the love they deserve. Like icing on a cake, screens provide a finished look and practical function.

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Window and

Solar Screen Installation

Keep your pets safe, insects and debris out and fresh air in! Solar features that reduce heat and energy bills by blocking harmful UV rays and help cool your home more efficiently.

Contact the Cook’s to discuss your next window screen project. Our dedicated crews will provide you with a wide range of options including repair and replacement.

Which Window Screen is Right for my Home?

We understand that every home has unique needs, which is why we offer an extensive selection of window screen options:

Solar Screens

Solar screens offer a cost- and eco-efficient way to keep your home cool in Texas heat. An initial investment can save you on costs in the long run by reducing as much as 30% of your electricity bill.

Benefits of solar screens:

  • Effective at blocking heat and light
  • Positive return on investment
  • Insulation of drapes and window tints
  • Block UV rays while maintaining airflow
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Available in multiple colors

Insect Screens:

Our high-quality insect screens protect against mosquitoes, flies, and other pests, allowing you to enjoy the breeze without the bugs.

Benefits of insect screens:

  • Designed to prevent insects
  • Reduce allergens
  • Low-cost option
  • Customizable
  • Allow natural sunlight

Each option comes with the promise of our expert installation, ensuring your screens fit perfectly and function as intended.

It’s Time For a Window Screen Upgrade

Window screens offer much more than just protection against insects; they are a multifaceted component of your home’s exterior

Solar screens in Texas significantly reduce your cooling cost by blocking out a substantial amount of solar heat.
Enjoy fresh air without pesky insects or debris and block UV rays while allowing natural light to stream in.
Screens add extra protection, keeping pets safely inside and providing security.
A wide range of materials and styles. They complement your home’s exterior design and increase property value.

Navigating the insurance claims process is a daunting task! The Cook DFW crew specializes in expedited claim handling, ensuring your insurance paperwork is processed quickly and accurately. Our team works directly with insurance providers to streamline the claims process, minimizing stress and maximizing efficiency.

Unfortunately, not all expenses are covered by insurance, so we offer flexible financing options. We offer straightforward financing options for upgrading to solar screens and installing premium insect screens.

From the initial damage assessment to finalizing claims and setting up financing, the Cook DFW crew will guide you through every step.

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Don’t let a complicated insurance claim or lack of funds delay your home improvement project. Contact us today! Our dedicated crews have access to insurance claims expertise and financing options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should window screens be replaced?
The lifespan of a window screen depends on factors such as the materials they are made of, the exposure to elements, and maintenance. We recommend inspecting your screens annually. Request a free consultation. The Cook DFW crew will assess signs of wear, damage and provide you with a range of options for repairing or replacing your solar and window screens.
Can window screens really lower energy costs?
Absolutely! Solar screens effectively reduce heat, which significantly reduces energy bills.

What's the best way to maintain my window screens?
Cleaning regularly with mild soap and water and periodic inspections for rips, tears, or frame damage can greatly extend the life of your window screens. Our team is always here to advise on specific maintenance.
Are there different types of window screens available?
Yes, we provide a diverse range of window screens, including solar screens for energy efficiency, insect screens to keep bugs out, and customizable options to boost curb appeal.
Can window screens provide privacy?
Yes, certain types of window screens can offer privacy without compromising natural light or ventilation. Solar screens, for example, can reduce visibility from the outside while still allowing you to see out.
How do I choose the right type of window screen for my home?
The Cook DFW crew will work with you to discuss sun exposure, insect concerns, privacy issues, and energy efficiency goals. We’ll then help you select the best screen.
Do window screens help with UV protection?
Yes! Solar screens block a significant portion of UV rays, protecting your home furnishings from sun damage and reducing glare while maintaining your view and natural light.
When should you repair damaged window screens or replace them?
The short answer is, it depends on the extent of the damage. Small tears or holes can often be repaired, but severely damaged screens might need to be replaced. Our team can examine the condition of your screens and recommend the best course of action.
How quickly can the Cook DFW crew install new window screens?
The timeline for window screen installation varies based on the size of the project and type of screen. Our dedicated crew completes all installations efficiently without compromising quality. Contact us for a customized quote and detailed timeline.